With the prospect of security

7. December 2023

Video Guard protects the Eisern viaduct construction site

A functioning transport infrastructure is essential for the transportation of economic goods. In Siegen, the new Eisern viaduct is therefore being built high above the valley. To prevent theft and vandalism from jeopardizing the rapid construction progress, the area is protected by the AI-supported “Video Guard” camera system.

Video Guard is used to monitor the construction site. The camera-based system has been securing the entire site with several towers day and night since the start of construction. The system works using neural network algorithms and thus self-learning video analytics. If unauthorized persons enter the site, the staff at the 24/7 manned control center will make a loudspeaker announcement and ask them to leave the site. If this is not complied with, further measures will be initiated or the local police will be alerted.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The construction site has been reliably monitored by several Video Guard towers since the start of construction.
Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt 2
The construction site of the Eisern viaduct extends over a wide valley area on uneven ground.