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Our holistic security concept includes personal support, customized planning, reliable monitoring and continuous service to effectively protect your project – from the installation of our VIDEO GUARDs to the final retrieval. Rely on our expertise for your security.

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1. Your contact with your contact person at our company

With us, you will receive all-round support from your personal contact. With us, responsibility does not end once the contract has been signed, but only really begins then and continues until the end of your project.

After inspecting your project, our sales department will draw up a customized security concept, including a quotation, to ensure the best possible monitoring of your assets. After you have placed your order, your personal sales contact will continue to be your first point of contact and will be there for you in all matters, supported by the entire VIDEO GUARD team.

2. preparation

2. Preparation of your monitoring project

Our internal sales team plans the implementation of the project and takes care of all the necessary preparations to ensure that the project runs smoothly. The required VIDEO GUARDs are reserved and the delivery dates, contact persons and contents of the alarm plan are clarified together with you.

In addition, our employees organize the transport of the devices to you, take care of activating the devices in our control centre and inform the relevant police station or your security service. In close consultation with your sales contact, your order is planned in detail to provide optimum protection for your property.

3 Delivery

3. Delivery and setup of your Video Guard

Our logistics concept is designed to supply our customers as quickly as possible. We want to ensure that you receive your technical monitoring units as quickly as possible and on time and that the VIDEO GUARDs are activated as quickly as possible. We rely on a mix of experienced technicians and our in-house freight forwarder with many years of experience in transporting this special cargo.

With our special vehicles, we can supply you quickly and flexibly with camera towers. Our experienced technicians erect the towers at the designated location and take care of the installation. With the help of our colleagues at the Hesel headquarters, your VIDEO GUARDs are then set up on the software side and are ready to monitor your project.

If the appliance is transported by our forwarding partner, the appliance will be set up by the sales department. This shows that your contact person is also there for you now and will take care of securing your premises.

4. guarding

4. Guarding by our control center

Our VIDEO GUARDs react immediately in the event of an alarm and start the live transmission. But what now? This is where the experienced and long-standing employees of our control center take over. The heart of the company is staffed around the clock so that colleagues can respond to incidents with great competence. The incoming alarms are checked and the intervention is started. If unauthorized persons and intruders are not impressed by our 120 dB loud active loudspeaker, your security service or the relevant police station will be informed. The image material is stored centrally and decentrally to secure the evidence.

Self-monitoring of the VIDEO GUARDs is also carried out by the control center. In the event of faults, such as a false alarm, loss of voltage (disconnection from the power grid) or other technical problems, the control center is informed by the system and can contact the relevant specialist departments as quickly as possible to resolve the problem. Always with the safety of our customers in mind.

You can also use our LiveView service to access the surveillance images from the VIDEO GUARDs so that you are always informed about what is going on.

5 Effectiveness review

5. Regular effectiveness testing

This is where your contact person comes into play again: the effectiveness of the monitoring can be influenced at any time by changes to the property. Whether it’s a crane standing in the surveillance area or a tree restricting the view – if your safety is at risk, we have to react.

We therefore regularly check whether we can provide our services to your complete satisfaction. If we can only monitor to a limited extent, we will respond as quickly as possible – that’s for sure!

6 Service

6. Service and maintenance if required

Our self-sufficient appliances are supplied with environmentally friendly electrical energy by photovoltaics and a fuel cell from the world market leader. The fuel cell is operated with methanol, which must be refilled occasionally. Technical problems are rare, but unfortunately they do occur.

Our experienced team of technicians is on duty every day to rectify faults within a few hours. The experience gained from the development and construction of our VIDEO GUARDs helps here, because every move is perfect. So you can be sure: you will be looked after competently and quickly to ensure your safety!

7 Collection

7. Collection of your Video Guard

The last step is a sad one, because it means that our collaboration is over, at least for the time being. A collection date will be organized in close consultation with you so that the VIDEO GUARDsreturn to their home country. There they are serviced again, go through our demanding quality control and are then ready for your next project!

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