Surveillance solutions

VIDEO GUARD provides unique and advanced surveillance solutions for construction site protection and numerous other areas of application. With state-of-the-art video technology and camera towers developed in-house, which work perfectly with our alarm center, we secure your monitored area around the clock.

High-res. Cameras with video analytics
Infrared spotlights
Direct intervention
Eye-catching design
Battery pack
Partial self-sufficiency through photovoltaics
Full self-sufficiency through fuel cell
Thermal cameras
Mobile and flexible
Premium AI analytics
DSG-VO compliant
KRITIS compliant
Compact size
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Operation sequence

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Project flow


First contact

After inspecting your project, we draw up a customized security concept and offer to ensure the best possible monitoring.


Project planning

Our employees coordinate the contents of the alarm plan, contact persons and delivery dates with you. We will inform the relevant police station or your security service in advance.


Delivery and installation

Our logistics concept combines the use of experienced technicians, specialized in-house forwarding and a dedicated sales team to ensure on-time delivery and activation of the monitoring systems.


Guarding by our control center

Both in the event of an alarm and in the event of technical faults with the VIDEO GUARDs, our 24/7 control center can respond at lightning speed and thus guarantee the security of your project.



Changes in the monitoring area can influence the effectiveness of monitoring. We therefore regularly check whether monitoring is possible without restrictions and respond to any security threats.



Once your project has been successfully completed, we will organize a collection date in close consultation with you. After system maintenance and quality control in our company, our VIDEO GUARDs are ready for your next project.

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