Historical wall in view around the clock

21. April 2024

City of Göttingen monitors renovation site with video guard tower

An old wall and a pumped-out pond: for some, a popular place for daring, vandalism etc. The city of Göttingen is now effectively preventing this by securing the construction site in the inner-city Cheltenhampark with a camera tower from Video Guard. This reliably monitors the site and the construction site equipment around the clock.

Göttingen’s Cheltenhampark is located on the edge of the city center and, as part of the historic ramparts, has always been a popular excursion destination for the residents of the university city. As the historic wall of the Schwänchenteich pond in the park is unstable, it is currently being extensively renovated. The project is part of a larger renovation and redesign of the entire park. It is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building with three million euros from the “Adapting urban spaces to climate change” project.

Flexible, reliable monitoring
Since mid-March, a mobile camera tower from Video Guard has been monitoring the pumped-out Schwänchenteich pond and the wall to be renovated. The city’s aim: to prevent vandalism in the redevelopment area and protect the construction site facilities. Video Guard’s professional camera tower is characterized in particular by the fact that it can be booked, delivered, set up and relocated quickly and easily at any time. It adapts to all changes on the construction site. Three high-resolution ultra-lowlight cameras at a height of six meters ensure comprehensive surveillance. Even at night, because the three high-performance infrared spotlights enable optimum night vision. If people are present in the cordoned-off area, they are detected by the cameras and asked to leave the premises directly from the control center using an active loudspeaker. Thanks to the sturdy housing with a footprint of 250 x 250 centimeters, the camera tower remains stable at all times, even on rough terrain.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Cheltenhampark in Göttingen: The Video Guard camera tower was positioned in such a way that it reliably monitors the wall to be renovated, the pumped-out pond and the construction site equipment.
Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt 2
The Video Guard Professional camera tower uses high-resolution ultra-low-light cameras to provide comprehensive surveillance of the area – even at night.