Smooth construction process

30. April 2023

Exploit the advantages of modular and system construction – avoid theft and vandalism

Modular construction is the trend of the future. This is because modular or system construction methods ensure a fast construction process on site and enable many building elements to be prefabricated in the factory under protected conditions. The client, Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb (BLB) NRW, is also relying on this type of construction for the new rotational building on the Poppelsdorf campus of the University of Bonn. More than 100 steel modules complete the new laboratory and seminar building. Logistics and execution are optimally coordinated to shorten the construction time. These processes would be severely disrupted in the event of theft and vandalism. With this in mind, the construction site is secured by Video Guard.

Prefabricated steel modules allow the project to progress quickly during the construction of the Rotation Building on the Poppelsdorf campus of the University of Bonn. These are manufactured in factories far away from the construction site and assembled on site. This means that the shell of the building can be completed in just ten months.
This requires detailed logistical planning. This is because each module fits together on the construction site like one piece of a jigsaw puzzle to form the entire building. In this context, unforeseen events such as stolen material or missing machines have a negative impact on the overall process. Protecting the construction site is therefore an important factor. This is because valuable building materials, machines and tools tempt criminals to steal them. Vandalism is also a recurring issue on construction sites. The “Video Guard” system is therefore used in Bonn. It monitors the construction site with high-altitude cameras – at any time of day or night, outside the defined working hours. The mobile, six-meter-high camera towers monitor the construction sites with a long range and no blind spots. If necessary, the cameras use innovative video analytics to identify intruders. They are asked to leave the premises via the manned control center. If this does not lead to withdrawal, the police will be called in. At the same time, the camera recording helps to better trace possible offenses. Even in changing weather conditions, Video Guard camera towers keep a reliable eye on construction sites. Thanks to its own emergency power concepts such as battery buffering and high-performance batteries, the tower fulfills its function – continuous and safe monitoring – even in the event of a power failure.

The camera-based surveillance system thus reduces the risk of possible incidents and contributes to a smooth construction process.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The “Video Guard” monitoring system contributes to a smooth construction process. This is because it prevents unplanned incidents such as theft and vandalism.