Hole in the fence?

30. April 2023

Ready for use at short notice, effectively guarded

Valuable goods or sensitive data: Company premises must also be protected against unauthorized access – especially outside working hours. The area is therefore often elaborately fenced in and permanently secured. But what happens if this protection is interrupted by maintenance work or vandalism? In this case too, the “Video Guard” mobile camera system is an effective surveillance option. This is ready for use at short notice – even on the same day if needed.

Unexpected damage to the fence, burglary or vandalism – unforeseen events on company premises or in logistics areas can lead to major security problems. Direct reaction and professional security are essential in such situations. This is where Video Guard comes into play: the mobile camera towers are a fast and effective security solution that can be deployed in no time at all. This is made possible, among other things, by the large stock of equipment available at five locations in Germany. The towers are ready for transportation at any time and their relatively small dimensions make them easy to transport to the site. Once they have been placed there, it only takes a few minutes to align the camera – and the system is ready for operation. Inadmissible areas such as adjacent paths are hidden by the software during surveillance. Different product variants are available – depending on whether a large area or a local problem area needs to be protected. The solar-powered version of the system offers a tailor-made solution for areas where there is no power supply.

Thanks to intelligent image analysis, Video Guard immediately detects suspicious activity in the monitored area – the alarm center immediately views the image material and initiates the necessary steps. In this way, security is quickly restored on the company premises.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Company premises are also protected against unauthorized access by Video Guard – especially outside working hours.