Protection for street art gallery

2. May 2023

Video Guard in action on Berlin’s Teufelsberg

From a listening station during the Cold War, to a lost place after reunification, to today’s street art gallery and event location: Teufelsberg in Berlin has an eventful history. However, decay and vandalism are also challenges that need to be solved here. A security concept is also essential. For some years now, access has only been permitted during opening hours. Outside of these, Video Guard now also offers an efficient camera surveillance system that secures the complex, large area.


On the Teufelsberg in Berlin’s Grunewald forest is a place that has a special attraction and fascinates many visitors: the former British and American radar station from the Cold War is located on the mountain of rubble. As one of the few elevations in the city, it offers a wide view. After reunification, the station, which was increasingly characterized by decay, exerted a very special attraction for many. Concepts for their preservation and use had to be found. Today, the former radar station provides space for one of the largest street art galleries in the world. Artists from all over the world contribute to turning the listening station into an art exhibition in flux. This means that most of the walls are released for redesign after some time in consultation with the artists. To protect the art and buildings from vandalism, the site is only accessible during opening hours – outside of these hours, three Video Guard towers secure the former radar station.

In the past, this special place has repeatedly attracted visitors outside of opening hours. Not only were works of art damaged – entering the site at night also poses a considerable security risk for illegal visitors. The mere mention of Video Guard surveillance deters many people from entering the former listening station. Three cameras are installed on each tower, which are equipped with different aperture angles and thus cover a large area. The towers are also equipped with infrared spotlights. This light is imperceptible to the human eye. This means that the surveillance area cannot be spied on. At the same time, it ensures that the video material can be reliably analyzed using artificial intelligence. This is because the system works using neural network algorithms and thus self-learning video analytics. The integrated software reliably detects intruders on the premises and reports them to the staffed alarm center. This is where security experts get involved and assess the situation. As a first step, uninvited guests can be asked to leave the premises via the loudspeakers attached to the tower. The direct approach usually leads to withdrawal. If this is not the case, the local police, for example, can be called in.

By providing effective protection against vandalism, Video Guard is helping to preserve the former listening station and the art exhibition there.

To protect art and buildings from vandalism, the Teufelsberg site is now secured by Video Guard.


The former radar station is now one of the largest street art galleries in the world.


The former British and American radar station from the Cold War stands on the Teufelsberg. The striking white domes of the building are characteristic.



Protection for street art gallery
Changing art exhibition: Most of the walls will be reopened for design after some time in consultation with the artists.