Razor sharp

6. September 2021

High-performance cameras provide a clear view

Vandalism and theft on construction sites often delay progress considerably. This can be prevented by efficient monitoring. State-of-the-art cameras from Video Guard, for example, generate razor-sharp images that avoid false alarms and make police work considerably easier.

Good and efficient monitoring of construction sites outside working hours pays off. The image quality of the recordings plays a particularly important role here. Video Guard uses cameras with intelligent video analytics for this purpose. The high-resolution images make it easier for the alarm center to quickly and competently assess the situation. This avoids unnecessary false alarms due to inaccurate imaging. In an emergency, employees can react in a targeted manner and ask the intruders to leave the premises directly via the Video Guard control center before any damage is done. In most cases, this preventive intervention is sufficient before a criminal act is committed. As potential perpetrators are quickly recognized, the police are also quickly on the scene in an emergency. However, good image quality is also particularly important in the aftermath of an actual break-in. The clearer the evidence submitted to the police, the better the chances of the criminal case being solved quickly. The high-resolution images allow the perpetrators to be identified more quickly. Video Guard’s construction site surveillance system therefore not only contributes to the prevention of crime on construction sites, but also to the better investigation of actual crimes.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
High-resolution images (right: Video Guard) make it easier to assess the current situation and are particularly important for successful police work.