Protected by camera and diaphragm wall pit

7. September 2021

New rainwater retention basin in Düsseldorf

A new rainwater retention basin is currently being built in Düsseldorf. The close proximity to the Rhine poses a particular challenge. To prevent theft and vandalism from becoming a challenge during the construction process, the construction company Fonteyne from Geldern relies on Video Guard surveillance. The camera system provides an overview of the extensive construction site and ensures safety, especially outside working hours.

A new rainwater retention basin is being built near the Rhine in Pariser Straße on behalf of the Düsseldorf municipal drainage company. The proximity to the water and the fact that the Rhine occasionally floods had to be taken into account during planning. Rising groundwater and the resulting pressure must not have any impact on the basin in the future: The rainwater retention basin is being built in the protection of a diaphragm wall excavation. It has a floor area of around 42 by 28 meters and walls with a thickness of 80 centimeters.

The 14-meter-deep rainwater retention basin is built inside the diaphragm wall pit and is therefore particularly protected from external water and water pressure. Security is also guaranteed during the construction process: Because the project is protected with Video Guard. This is a mobile video surveillance system that uses neural networks to perform self-learning video analysis in order to automatically detect intruders in the guarded area. In addition, the site is equipped with conspicuous signs to further deter potential offenders. Three video towers are used in Düsseldorf. Together, they ensure that the construction site of over 2,050 square meters is fully covered. The images are transmitted to the connected alarm center as soon as an unauthorized person enters the premises. They can then be asked to leave the area via loudspeakers integrated into the video tower – in most cases, this already leads to a retreat. If this does not happen, the local police will be called in. The high-resolution image material can also be handed over to the local authorities as evidence to help catch the perpetrators.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
A rainwater retention basin is currently being built in Düsseldorf under the protection of a diaphragm wall pit. To protect against theft and vandalism, the construction work is monitored by camera technology. Photo: Fonteyne