Every corner secured

6. September 2021

Video Guard guards residential area on the Raderthalgürtel in Cologne

In Cologne-Zollstock, a new residential quarter is currently being built at Vorgebirgspark. The modern district combines urbanity and nature and is expected to be completed by fall 2022. The building owners rely on the camera-based surveillance system Video Guard Professional to monitor the construction site.

206 energy-saving modern apartments, 72 of which are barrier-free with balconies and underground parking – these are currently being built on the Raderthalgürtel in Cologne-Zollstock. The clients are Wohnungsgenossenschaft Köln-Süd eG, Wohnungsgenossenschaft Köln-Sülz eG, Wohn- und Heimbau eG and Wohnungs- und Baugenossenschaft Mieterschutz eG. The Vorgebirgspark is in the immediate vicinity and offers future tenants a recreational area right on their doorstep. The neighborhoods and inner courtyards that are being created will enable neighbors to live together and form a noise-protected area. However, this loose building structure complicates the comprehensive monitoring and safeguarding of the project during the construction phase: various courtyard sides and dark corners in the construction process make a complete overview difficult.

The clients therefore decided to use the camera-based surveillance system Video Guard Professional. The mobile camera towers are each equipped with three ultra-low-light cameras, which are designed for both close-range and long-range applications. The system relies on the combination of several image sources, which enables the complete protection of construction equipment and materials. Several camera towers are distributed across the 10,000 square meter construction site in Cologne-Zollstock. After work, the system switches on automatically and continuously monitors every corner. The eye-catching appearance of the towers and the additional information banners at the edge of the construction site clearly draw attention to the surveillance area. However, if unauthorized persons enter the premises, they are detected by the system. Trained employees in the connected alarm center can then use the integrated loudspeaker function to ask them to leave the premises. If they do not comply with this appeal, the local police will be alerted.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Several Video Guard towers provide comprehensive surveillance on the 10,778 square meter construction site in Cologne-Zollstock.