New trio of buildings at Bremen railroad station

18. August 2021

Video Guard secures the project site at the long-distance bus terminal

A modern long-distance bus terminal is currently being built near Bremen’s main railway station. The new building is part of an overall urban development plan with an adjacent hotel complex and parking garage. To protect the construction site from theft and vandalism, the project managers have the area secured by the Video Guard Professional camera system. A total of four monitoring towers have been installed on the Bremen project site.

In future, up to 90 long-distance coaches per day will stop at the new long-distance coach terminal in Bremen, connecting the Hanseatic city with Germany and Europe. Eleven bus bays are planned at the central bus station (ZOB). The area is covered with a filigree construction to offer travelers shelter in bad weather. A ticket counter, a kiosk and restrooms are located in the directly adjacent parking garage. In addition to the long-distance bus terminal and the parking garage, the building ensemble also includes a high-rise property. A hotel is being built on the lower floors. The upper floors are to be used as office space. The shell of the high-rise building is already in place and work has begun on the parking garage. The construction site at the long-distance bus terminal will begin this fall.

Four camera towers in use
To avoid unnecessary delays in this major project, the construction companies responsible rely on the Video Guard Professional surveillance system. The Hotel Fernbusterminal consortium – consisting of Zech Bau SE and Kathmann Bauunternehmung GmbH u. Co KG – has installed two camera towers on its hotel construction site. The general contractor Goldbeck Nord GmbH Bremen is responsible for the parking garage construction and also has two surveillance towers in use on this site.

Seamless monitoring
Video Guard Professional is particularly suitable for large and winding construction sites such as the Bremen long-distance bus terminal. The monitoring system reliably detects at a distance of up to 80 meters and covers an area of up to 170 degrees. The three ultra-lowlight cameras integrated into the surveillance towers together create a seamless image. The construction site, which covers a total of 4400 square meters, is reliably and comprehensively secured with the four camera towers. Thanks to the yellow and red signal colors, the video surveillance is clearly visible even from a distance and deters potential intruders. If unauthorized persons nevertheless enter the site, the company’s own, permanently manned alarm center switches live to the construction site and speaks to the intruder. The integrated loudspeaker prompts them to leave the premises and, if necessary, alerts the local police. The monitoring system is an economical and effective alternative to a staffed security service. This is because they can only ensure construction site protection at great expense.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
In Bremen, cameras secure the project site at the long-distance bus terminal.