From the construction site to plant operation

18. August 2021

Video Guard: Fast response time in the event of an alarm

Protection against theft and vandalism during the construction phase and during subsequent building operation: the use of Video Guard at the Naumann Stahl headquarters in Neuss shows that it is not only on construction sites that values are reliably protected. The camera towers were already on the construction site before the site was completed in 2018. Today it is still guarded by Video Guard. The system immediately detects unauthorized persons who enter the company premises outside operating hours. This significantly reduces the risk of burglary.

In 2018, Naumann Stahl moved from Düsseldorf to Neuss. A new, modern operating site was created on a plot of around 48,000 square meters. It comprises an approx. 12,000 square meter hall with an adjoining 1,300 square meter administration area. To protect against theft and vandalism, surveillance cameras were already installed during the construction phase, making it possible to secure large areas. Jost Salzmann, Managing Director of Naumann Stahl, was so impressed by the “Video Guard Professional” system that he still uses it today to secure the company premises and to protect the surroundings and against burglary – as an alternative to conventional alarm systems on and in the building.

Alternative to conventional alarm systems
Conventional security systems for buildings only trigger an alarm when windows and doors are opened. In other words, only when unauthorized persons are already in the building. A shortcoming that often has fatal consequences. “We had this experience several times at our previous company headquarters in Düsseldorf. Sometimes it took two hours for someone to arrive on site after the alarm was triggered – enough time for the intruders to complete their work. The rapid early detection is simply better with Video Guard,” explains Salzmann. This is because this system reacts as soon as you enter the premises – and does so absolutely reliably.

Short response time
As soon as unauthorized persons enter the premises, the vector-based video analytics system sends a signal to the control centre, which is manned 24 hours a day. This reacts directly and verifies the image transmission. The uninvited guests are then initially addressed via loudspeakers on the video towers. This intervention with 120 dB sound pressure is often enough to put intruders to flight. If this is not the case, the trained control center staff will alert the police or another security service. This process is fast and secure: it usually takes just two minutes to address the perpetrators directly after unauthorized entry to the premises and, if necessary, notify the police. With conventional alarm systems, this process often takes up to 25 minutes. The rapid intervention by Video Guard also increases the chances of the police apprehending the intruders on site, as there is little time to leave the premises.

Nine eyes in action
Three Video Guard Professional camera towers have been permanently stationed on the company premises in Neuss since 2018. Each of the towers has three high-resolution 5 MP ultra-lowlight cameras at a height of six meters. These provide an optimum all-round view. Three high-performance infrared floodlights per tower ensure a clear view even at night.

Reduce false alarms
The intelligent system effectively prevents false alarms. This benefits both the owner and the police, who are not called unnecessarily. Modern video analysis of the towers makes a clear distinction between humans, animals and objects. In addition, the personal review of the image material by the experienced employees provides certainty about the reason for the alarm. If an employee wishes to enter the premises outside regular working hours or at the weekend, this is not a problem. After brief consultation with the control center, the alarm system can be deactivated for the desired period of time. “It’s absolutely straightforward – I always find the contact with the alarm center to be very friendly and professional,” says Salzmann.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard was already monitoring the future Naumann Stahl site during the construction phase. Even after completion, the efficient camera towers remain.