Protection for Germany’s largest timber hybrid building

6. July 2021

Video Guard secures construction site of EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin

Germany’s largest timber-hybrid building is currently under construction in Berlin – the EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin. To protect the extensive construction site from theft and vandalism outside working hours and in the evening and at night, those responsible rely on camera-based surveillance with Video Guard Professional.

Conserving resources and sustainable for people and the environment: this is how EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin is to become. In a central location, directly at Südkreuz station in Berlin, the new office ensemble is being built in a timber-hybrid design. Two buildings, each with seven floors, a solitary building and a central atrium will be located on a gross floor area of around 32,000 square meters. To ensure that the construction work for the project is not hindered by theft and vandalism, those responsible at SiteLog GmbH have opted for an efficient and comprehensive solution with Video Guard. This is because numerous cranes are used to assemble the prefabricated wall and ceiling modules, especially in modular construction with timber and concrete. Video Guard protects the construction site to ensure that these are not damaged and that neither fuel nor metals or machines that can be remunerated are stolen. A total of five towers are located on the site and monitor the access areas, containers and parked construction vehicles. The interaction of three ultra-lowlight cameras with different aperture angles creates a seamless image of the detection area. This reliably detects all incidents within a monitoring radius of up to 5,300 square meters. Protection is also provided in poor lighting conditions and in the dark, as the integrated infrared spotlights ensure high-quality images. If unauthorized persons enter the site, the alarm control center personnel are activated in real time. The intruders are first asked to leave the construction site immediately by the loudspeakers integrated into the camera towers. If this does not happen, the police will be called in for appropriate intervention measures. Monitoring is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this way, the technology masks out surrounding paths and areas – thereby protecting the privacy of uninvolved passers-by. Due to the inner-city location of the construction site, this aspect was particularly relevant when selecting the system.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The EDGE Suedkreuz Berlin is currently under construction in Berlin – the largest timber-hybrid building in Germany. Video Guard Professional is used to protect the large construction site from theft and vandalism.