With long-range and night vision

10. April 2023

Emergency power concept from Video Guard: battery buffer including light

Intelligent surveillance using camera technology has proven its worth in many areas. But what actually happens when the power goes out? Or when criminals pull the plug? In this case, Video Guard has an emergency power concept that ensures continuous and secure monitoring.

In the dark hours of the night or at the weekend: These are the times when most burglaries and thefts occur. This also applies to construction sites, logistics areas, solar parks and industrial ports. Guarding these areas using camera technology requires intelligent software that detects intruders – and also floodlight technology that ensures clear contours even at night so that the systems can work reliably. Video Guard relies on spotlights that work with infrared. This light is not perceived by the human eye – it ensures that residents are not disturbed by headlights at night or that drivers are not irritated when driving on adjacent roads. The illumination in the invisible area also has the advantage that the actual monitoring area is not visible. At the same time, however, it is an essential component of the system – because the light ensures that the video material can be reliably analyzed using artificial intelligence. If the floodlight technology were to fail, surveillance would no longer be guaranteed at all times. Video Guard is therefore equipped with its own emergency power concept with battery backup and high-performance batteries in the event of a power failure. The lighting technology is also supplied by the emergency power. Many devices available on the market lack this feature. However, this detail is particularly important. Because if criminals pull the plug on Saturday, this triggers an alarm in the staffed control center. They may call in the police. Even if it is now on site, it does not usually restore the supply via the mains operation. If the light, an essential component of the system, were not battery-buffered, thefts could be carried out unseen during the night and the following night, as the analytics are too poor in the dark without light. To prevent this security gap from occurring, Video Guard is also equipped for this eventuality – and thus guarantees continuous surveillance of the premises.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Video Guard works with infrared spotlights. Even if the light is not perceptible to the human eye, it is essential for functioning video analytics – and is therefore integrated into the battery backup in the event of a power failure.