Attention: Liability until acceptance

26. March 2023

Protection of materials and machinery required for construction is the responsibility of the contractor

They are always present: police reports of theft and vandalism on construction sites. The often professionally organized criminal gangs steal large construction equipment and machines as well as petrol. Stored or already installed materials are also stolen. In most cases, the contractor must pay for the costs and replacement. This is because he is liable until acceptance. Against this background, preventive measures should be taken and the construction site should be efficiently secured against unauthorized access, for example with Video Guard.

Theft and vandalism are everywhere – even on construction sites. The criminals have fewer and fewer inhibitions and steal not only tools and materials but also large construction machines and vehicles. Due to the damaged and thus impaired construction work, the entire construction is delayed. Insurance does not always cover the damage. This means that the contractor bears the full risk before acceptance and must rectify any damage and find a replacement at its own expense. This is because the general interpretation of the law regards it as a secondary contractual obligation of the client that the tradesman’s property is protected and therefore the construction site must be adequately secured against unauthorized access.

To avoid costly damage caused by theft, the installation of Video Guard towers up to six meters high on construction sites is a particularly efficient and secure method. They use high-performance cameras to monitor the projects day and night, providing protection and security at all times. The various monitoring systems are individually adapted to the different construction sites. The innovative video technology with connected control center often deters criminals before they commit the crime, as uninvited guests are addressed directly with 120 decibels of sound pressure and asked to leave the premises. If they do not comply with the order, the police and the security service will organize an intervention until they are arrested.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The “Video Guard” surveillance system with intelligent video technology and a connected control center ensures continuous protection on construction sites.