Vandalism? The devil would have to be involved.

30. April 2023

Protecting a monument of history

On construction sites and logistics areas, in critical infrastructure projects: Video Guard is certainly best known for these applications. But the system is also ideal for art exhibitions – as can currently be seen on the Teufelsberg in Berlin.

Art in the open air at a location steeped in history: this is what the former listening station on Teufelsberg has to offer. It is home to one of the largest street art galleries in the world. This is an art exhibition that changes regularly. This is because the areas are released again for design after a certain period of time. The works are by international artists and some of them are impressive in size. During their stay on the walls of the radar station, their impression should not be disturbed by graffiti or vandalism. At the same time, the building itself must be protected from destruction. This is where Video Guard proves to be an effective and robust solution. The mobile system is ideally suited for temporary surveillance and can be easily set up on site so that the large site is secured across the board outside opening hours.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
In action on Teufelsberg in Berlin: the “Video Guard” surveillance system uses intelligent video technology to protect street art outside of opening hours.