Video surveillance for future classrooms

24. November 2020

Cameras secure new Sophienschule building in Hanover

The construction of the new Sophienschule in Hanover began at the start of the year. The previous building complex no longer met the requirements of modern school buildings. Those responsible therefore decided to build a new building. To prevent delays in the construction process due to theft or vandalism, the construction site is monitored after hours with the Video Guard surveillance system from the International Security Group and Maibach VuS.

The historic Sophienschule building in Hanover has served well for several decades. It is now being replaced by a modern, functional new building. A renovation or extension would be uneconomical as the building is a listed building. Above all, the new building for the barrier-free all-day school must provide sufficient space for classrooms, sports halls and places of retreat. Until completion in two years’ time, the pupils will be housed temporarily in other buildings and containers.

Video surveillance for an undisturbed construction process
In order to keep this situation as short as possible, a smooth construction process is required. Unfortunately, delays caused by theft and vandalism repeatedly make work on construction sites more difficult. In this context, video surveillance of the premises after hours is a good idea. In Hanover, the Video Guard system was chosen. “Compared to staffed security, video surveillance is significantly cheaper. We have been working with the system for some time now and have always had good experiences,” says Olaf Frase, project manager for the new building at Goldbeck GmbH. Video Guard Professional reliably protects the construction site against intrusion by unauthorized persons. The tower’s three cameras monitor the entire area – without any panning. As soon as a person enters the construction site after hours, they are recorded by the cameras and the control center is informed. This is manned 24 hours a day and requests the intruder to leave the premises via the integrated loudspeaker. If this does not happen, the police are alerted. “Initially, we had a few alarms triggered by intruders. Things have calmed down in the meantime. Perhaps word has got around that we are guarding the construction site. In addition, the large yellow towers certainly act as a deterrent,” explains Frase.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The new building of the Sophienschule Hannover has been protected from thieves and vandals by a Video Guard Tower since the start of construction.