Undisturbed festive mood

6. December 2021

Order video backup at an early stage

Christmas is coming soon. For many, time flies by. And suddenly the holidays are just around the corner. Most construction sites take a break, operations in halls and storage areas are suspended and life comes to a standstill in many places – unfortunately this does not apply to burglars. They use the public holidays and bridging days to gain access unnoticed. An appropriate security system and guard protection should therefore be considered in good time.

Enjoy the Christmas season undisturbed – Video Guard’s intelligent surveillance systems make it possible. While many construction sites, commercial buildings and storage areas come to a standstill between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the intelligent camera towers continue to operate reliably. Their eye-catching design alone draws attention to the guarding and thus deters unauthorized persons from entering. If this does happen, the high-resolution ultra-lowlight cameras with connected infrared spotlights immediately detect the unauthorized persons and inform the manned control centre. This directly addresses the intruders via active loudspeakers with a sound pressure of around 120 decibels and also notifies the police or security guards. In the event of a white Christmas, the robust camera towers can even withstand icy conditions such as snow and low temperatures. Due to high demand for the festive season, the intelligent surveillance system should be requested in good time – this ensures that construction sites, halls and storage areas are properly secured with Video Guard over the Christmas period.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Getting to the site on time: video surveillance on construction sites is particularly in demand over the holidays.