Guarded from above

29. November 2021

Video Guard secures the construction site of a residential and commercial district

The “HANSEeins” quarter is currently being built on the former Hänsel-Textil site in Iserlohn. The first construction phase for the commercial building will be completed by fall 2022. Two residential buildings with a total of 39 apartments will follow in 2023. Video Guard Professional monitors the construction site and intervenes in good time in the event of an alarm.

Once used as a production site for clothing fabrics, a new residential and commercial quarter is now being built on the former factory site. After the business operations of the company “Hänsel Textil GmbH” were discontinued at the end of 2015, the site was awaiting revitalization. Following the demolition of the existing factory buildings, STADTprojekt Iserlohn GmbH, a subsidiary of IGW-Iserlohner Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH, was finally able to acquire the entire property. IGW is now building the “HANSEeins” project on part of the site. The new building comprises three buildings and is centrally located to the east of Iserlohn city center. In the two residential buildings, 39 apartments – from compact apartments to four-room maisonettes – are planned. The adjoining 5-storey commercial building is equipped with doctors’ surgeries, a bakery and other services.

To prevent vandalism and theft – and the resulting construction delays – CEP Architekten from Lünen are relying on Video Guard Professional for the project. “We’ve already had several problems with this kind of annoyance on other construction sites. As our last project was also secured smoothly by Video Guard, we are now relying on the intelligent camera technology again,” explains Christian Christensen from CEP Architekten. The camera towers, which are up to six meters high, detect the entire area with three ultra-lowlight cameras each – and thus secure materials and construction equipment. Intelligent analysis technology is used, which utilizes a neural network and thus enables self-learning video analysis. This improves the accuracy and also the speed of detecting intruders on the premises. Video Guard only has the marked construction area in its field of vision. Other public areas are excluded by the software. During the surveillance period, the system detects any movement on the premises and immediately triggers an alarm, which is received by the connected security control center. False signals triggered by animals are excluded. The staff can then initiate further steps, including alerting the local police.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard protects the construction site on the former Hänsel-Textil site in Iserlohn.