Opportunity makes thieves – especially in winter

9. December 2021

Video Guard protects even in darkness

The sun sets earlier, the days get shorter – the dark season has arrived and with it the number of burglaries increases. This is confirmed by numerous crime statistics and media reports. The earlier onset and longer duration of darkness allows criminals to enter building sites or open spaces unseen and steal valuables. This is exactly where the intelligent surveillance system from Video Guard comes in: By combining high-resolution cameras with integrated infrared spotlights, the system reliably detects burglars even in the dark and in poor visibility. This guarantees professional protection even at night.

The fall and winter months bring with them an increased risk of burglary. Early darkness offers thieves an excellent opportunity to spy on construction sites and open spaces without being noticed. Because in the dark it is easier to recognize if and when an area is abandoned. If it is unlit, there are many signs that no one is there – burglars often take advantage of this. They enter building site premises without authorization and steal materials and valuables. This usually has serious consequences. Theft results in construction delays and additional costs. Against this backdrop, effective protective measures are particularly important – especially in the fall and winter months. Video Guard is therefore a surveillance system that provides secure and reliable protection against break-ins around the clock and even in the dark.

Advanced infrared technology
To provide protection even in deep darkness, the innovative camera towers rely on infrared light, which is not perceived by the human eye. On the one hand, this avoids visible lighting that could attract potential thieves. Secondly, the monitored area cannot be recognized and spied on by intruders. Surrounding residents are also not disturbed by the video surveillance. Three high-performance infrared spotlights are located on each of the camera towers, which are up to six meters high, and ensure optimum night vision. In this way, even unauthorized entry in complete darkness is immediately detected.

Mobile and reliable nationwide coverage
Thanks to the three high-resolution ultra-lowlight cameras on each tower, every corner of the construction site is under observation. The alignment of these can be adjusted down to the centimeter. In this way, the construction site is secured individually and comprehensively, while other public areas are excluded by the software. As construction progresses, the video towers can be flexibly moved and realigned. The cameras record continuously and without panning breaks and are equipped with the latest analysis technology. This reacts to movements based on rules and vectors and identifies within seconds whether the object is an intruder or not – even in complete darkness.

Sophisticated reaction chain
If unauthorized access is detected, the 24/7 staffed service control centre is informed immediately. This addresses the intruder directly via the active loudspeakers on the towers. If the direct appeal is not sufficient to drive the perpetrator away, the control center immediately alerts the police or an individually selected security service. By combining high-resolution cameras with infrared spotlights and intelligent video analytics, Video Guard has developed a surveillance solution that reliably protects construction sites and open spaces from burglary and theft, even during the darker months of the year.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Many burglars take advantage of the early evening twilight and prolonged darkness in the fall and winter. Video Guard secures construction sites and open spaces even in complete darkness.