The last mile is secured

29. October 2020

Video Guard for the construction of distribution centers

Online retail is booming – at the same time, consumer demands are increasing in terms of delivery capability and processing speed. Against this backdrop, new distribution centers are in particular demand for last-mile logistics. Such a center is currently being built for an international online mail order company in the Wilhelmshaven area. The last few meters on the construction site are secured with camera technology: Video Guard monitors valuable machines and equipment – as a preventive measure to prevent theft and vandalism or to detect and intervene in good time.

Attractive logistics locations have very good transport connections – the Wilhelmshaven area is particularly interesting for international mail order companies with its access to highways and proximity to the Jade-Weser-Port. A new logistics hall with an adjoining office and social wing will be built here by the beginning of 2021. The complex is used as a distribution center for last mile logistics. When building such logistics properties, schedule and planning reliability usually have top priority. Delays caused by the theft of fuel or stolen machinery severely disrupt the construction process. This risk must therefore be minimized. One effective means is camera surveillance. When choosing a suitable system, care should be taken to ensure that an alarm center is connected – and that the system triggers as few false alarms as possible, i.e. works efficiently. While app solutions are often used in the private sector to notify the homeowner of an intrusion by unauthorized persons, a much more professional solution is required for construction sites. Personnel security services are often ruled out for cost reasons – at the same time, they can only be used to a limited extent for large areas due to the human field of vision. Intelligent, software-supported systems such as Video Guard work across the board. For example, three cameras are mounted on a tower, which view the area together and are thus optimally aligned to the near and far range. The integrated low-infrared light and video analysis ensure that false alarms caused by insects, for example, are ruled out. What’s more, since a staffed, experienced security control center first views and evaluates every incoming alarm and addresses intruders directly via the integrated loudspeakers, building managers do not receive any “unnecessary” alarms. If incidents really do occur on the construction site and the police cannot intervene in time, those responsible will of course be notified. However, the frequency of such incidents is significantly reduced by video surveillance – one less stress factor on the construction site!

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Time is a particularly important factor in the construction of logistics real estate. Against this background, delays due to theft and vandalism must be avoided. Video Guard protects.