Berlin construction sites under observation

11. October 2020

Video Guard guards The Grid and The Shelf

With The Shelf and The Grid, two new commercial centers are being built in Berlin. The two construction sites are in close proximity to each other – and are located in the heart of the Kreuzberg neighborhood. To protect them from theft and vandalism, the real estate company responsible, Pandion, relies on camera technology. The inner-city location places special demands on the system used.

In future, space will be available here for companies, retailers and artists or neighborhood initiatives: Two Pandion AG projects are currently under construction in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Both are characterized by a courtyard concept with an interior area and close off the front on Prinzenstrasse. Against this background, there is only limited space available for construction site logistics. This means that logistical processes, for example, are closely timed. Delays affect the entire construction process. In this context, possible incidents of theft and vandalism are not only annoying immediate cost factors, but also have further consequences, as the replacement of materials, machinery and repair work take time. To ensure that this is not the case, the construction sites are monitored with cameras. The “Video Guard” system is used for this. The towers are positioned on the site in such a way that access areas, containers, materials and machines are covered outside working hours. If unauthorized persons enter the surveillance area, the cameras trigger an alarm – the connected security control center views the incoming image material and can address the potential perpetrators directly via the loudspeakers integrated into the camera tower. This usually leads to withdrawal. If this is not the case, the police will be called. One tower is equipped with three cameras. The different aperture angles not only maximize the detection range, but are also optimally aligned to the various requirements at close and long range. The system’s analytics are able to record and evaluate the three video streams from the cameras simultaneously. The headlights are another technical feature that sets them apart from other systems on the market. These work with infrared so that the light is not perceived by the human eye. It therefore neither disturbs passers-by nor irritates road users. In addition, the guarded area cannot be spied on in this way. Video Guard Professional uses spotlights to produce perfect images even in the dark – images that are also used in court as evidence to identify perpetrators. Another factor: the technology hides surrounding paths and areas so that no uninvolved third parties are detected. This is particularly relevant under data protection law.

The camera technology used ensures that theft and vandalism do not cause unpleasant surprises on the construction sites in Berlin-Kreuzberg – and in this way contributes to a smooth construction process.

Video Guard in Bremen's Ɯberseestadt district
Two Pandion AG projects are currently under construction in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The “Video Guard” camera system is used to monitor materials and machines.