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22. June 2023

Video Guard: Ready for more security

Camera-based systems have established themselves as a solution for efficient surveillance in various areas. This is also the case in the construction industry – as demonstrated by the more than 1,000 construction sites where Video Guard is currently in use. Overall, the system is in consistently high demand, with around 1,900 camera towers currently in use and this number is increasing every month.

Unfortunately, cases of vandalism and theft are not uncommon on construction sites. Setting up camera towers is an efficient solution to deter criminals before they even enter the construction site. For example, the “Video Guard” surveillance system is very popular with decision-makers in the construction industry: over 95 percent of the available camera towers are currently in use. “Nevertheless, we can react quickly when commissioned. This is because we have several locations where the towers are stored – and they can be set up and dismantled quickly at the same time,” explains Jörn Windler, Managing Director of International Security GmbH. In the last twelve months, the monitoring system has successfully guarded more than 2,700 projects and helped to effectively prevent theft and vandalism. In the event of an alarm, immediate intervention takes place via loudspeakers installed on the camera tower. The control center can contact the perpetrator directly and initiate further measures if necessary. If the offender’s approach has no effect, the responsible police station will be contacted immediately.

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The “Video Guard” surveillance system currently secures around 1,000 construction sites with 1,900 camera towers.