Transitional, but safe

22. June 2023

Discounters & Co. in the temporary building

“We’re closing, please visit us in our temporary store” – Discount stores often have to vacate their premises during major new construction and renovation projects. However, tents are usually used to ensure supplies and sales. Not only must sufficient parking space and the power supply be provided, but the temporary facility should also be protected against theft and vandalism outside opening hours. Here too, Video Guard proves to be an efficient solution.

Not every conversion measure can be carried out during ongoing operations – and often a new building is even necessary in order to realize contemporary and modern sales areas. Many a discounter will then have to move into a temporary solution in order to maintain local supply and trade. If there is sufficient space in the immediate vicinity, a tent solution is a good option in this case – customers hardly have to get used to it; sometimes the existing parking spaces can be used. An important aspect here is that the goods on sale must also be secured outside opening hours and the tent must be protected against vandalism. Video Guard is also suitable for temporary surveillance in this case. The compact tower requires very little space to set up. The system can be aligned precisely to the area to be secured and hides adjacent paths on the software side. The guarding times are precisely defined after consultation with the client. If the cameras detect a person in their field of vision, they send a signal to the staffed alarm center. The latter assesses the situation and intervenes immediately. In most cases, a warning via the integrated loudspeaker function is sufficient. In an emergency, the local police are called in. Video surveillance ensures that sales continue to run smoothly even in the temporary branch.

Discounter in a tent | Protected with VideoGuard
If the discount store has to temporarily move into a tent, Video Guard protects against vandalism and theft.