Intelligent camera towers as tent supervisors

4. July 2023

Video Guard secures Medimax transition store

The Medimax store in Dortmund-Aplerbeck will be currently being rebuilt. In order to maintain sales during the renovation work, the electronics store is temporarily relocating to a large tent in the parking lot. Medimax relies on the camera towers from Video Guard to monitor this. They reliably protect the site against theft and vandalism, especially at night, and enable a rapid response to suspicious activity.

The Aplerbeck-Ost industrial estate in Dortmund is currently a huge construction site. The Medimax electronics store on Schleefstrasse will also be extensively renovated. The company has found an alternative to maintain sales during the renovation work: It is moving into a large tent in a parking lot just 500 meters away from the construction site. Although the 800 square meter temporary solution does not offer the same space as the regular store, it is large enough to continue to present a wide range of electronic products. To ensure their security, Medimax relies on the tried-and-tested “Video Guard” video surveillance towers. They offer an efficient monitoring solution and also protect the tent against theft and vandalism. This is particularly important in the evening and at night when the branch is not staffed. The detection radius of the cameras is specifically aimed at the area to be monitored and adjacent paths and areas are masked out by the software so that passers-by are not detected. Suspicious activities or persons in the surveillance area are detected within seconds and addressed via the camera towers’ integrated loudspeaker function. If necessary, the intelligent Video Guard system sends a signal to the professionally manned alarm center. In an emergency, the local police can also be called in. The modern monitoring system is therefore not only ideal for use on construction sites, but also for temporary branches.


The modern Video Guard surveillance towers ensure that the store is protected against theft and vandalism, especially during unoccupied periods.

News_23-15-Transitional branch monitoring

Despite the temporary move to the tent, Medimax store manager Benjamin Stockmayr assures customers that he will continue to provide comprehensive advice and services.

News_23-15-Camera towers Medimax

Medimax relies on the proven video surveillance towers from Video Guard to ensure the security of the transitional store.

Transitional branch monitoring
The area to be detected can be set with centimeter precision without customers and passers-by being filmed. The system reacts immediately to suspicious activities or persons within the monitoring radius.

MEDIMAX monitoring of the temporary store

The Medimax store in Dortmund-Aplerbeck is currently being remodeled. In order to maintain sales during this time, the electronics store has moved into a large tent in the parking lot.