Reliably protect construction containers against burglary

24. January 2021

From padlocks to video surveillance

Containers serve as a recreation room on the construction site – and are primarily used to store important materials and machinery. Various systems are used to protect them from burglary and theft. Professional gangs of thieves are not deterred by simple locks – reliable security is provided by camera technology.

From vibrating plates, construction lasers and drilling machines or pipe presses to cut-off grinders: In the first few weeks of the year, police reports of construction site containers being broken into and tools being stolen are already piling up. The perpetrators usually struck at night. In addition to the inconvenience of replacing the often high-value tools, theft usually results in construction delays – because work cannot continue as planned. It is therefore important to protect the construction containers effectively.

In principle, containers should of course be locked. However, a simple padlock can easily be broken open with a bolt cutter. With their circular body, discus locks offer less of a target here, but are also no obstacle for professional gangs of thieves. A steel box welded to the container, which holds the actual lock, offers more security. There are also high-quality locking bars or shackle locks. However, one aspect is not only the protection of the container itself, but also of its immediate surroundings. After all, if the possibility of checking the locking system at leisure and spying out the situation on site is prevented, a break-in is all the more unlikely. Construction companies are therefore increasingly relying on camera-based monitoring of the container. Systems such as Video Guard Professional impress with hardware suitable for construction sites, intelligent software and a connected alarm center. The tower with cameras and an integrated loudspeaker is extremely robust. There is also a solar-powered version that works independently of the local power grid. The cameras reliably record the area even in the dark evening and night hours. The software immediately reports any intrusion by unauthorized persons to the connected alarm control panel. Experienced staff work here, assessing the images and the situation and initially intervening verbally via the loudspeakers on the tower. If this is not enough, the police will be called in. In most cases, however, the direct approach leads to the potential perpetrators withdrawing – the construction container remains closed and the materials and tools remain in place. This means you can start work the next morning without any nasty surprises.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Containers on construction sites serve as storage facilities, recreation rooms or planning offices on site. They need to be protected against break-ins.