Car dealerships under camera surveillance

24. January 2021

Video Guard Professional protects against vehicle theft

Thefts and break-ins regularly occur in car dealerships and garages. Burglars make rich pickings here with wheel sets, diagnostic equipment and even complete vehicles. A particular problem here is that a significant part of the sales area is usually located in the freely accessible outdoor area. To prevent theft and vandalism, those responsible are therefore increasingly turning to smart camera surveillance. The Video Guard Professional system offers effective all-round protection in this context.

Car dealerships and garages are a popular target for thieves. At night, they enter the building unnoticed via windows or roller shutters and break into safes or steal vehicle parts and technical equipment. Criminals also focus on the outside areas of car dealerships: As a rule, some of the new and used cars are freely accessible here for presentation to interested parties. Thieves skillfully exploit this weak point. The removal of tires or the theft of license plates is not uncommon here. With the captured keys from the building, intruders can also steal the cars and drive them out of the yard unhindered. But even if the vehicles may still be on the spot in the end, the damage is often immense. In addition to loss of sales and property damage in the tens of thousands, this can also result in a loss of image. The effort involved in obtaining compensation from the insurance company must also be taken into account.

There is an increased risk of burglary and theft, especially at night – when the dealership or workshop is deserted. This requires an effective and holistic security concept that not only protects against unauthorized entry into the building, but also onto the property. Personnel security services are usually associated with high costs, which are not always affordable for smaller companies. Video-based security solutions such as the Video Guard Professional system are an equally efficient but more economical alternative. With intelligent technology, it offers comprehensive and seamless all-round protection.

Camera tower with three ultra-lowlight cameras
The system is intelligently designed: The first striking feature is the yellow camera tower, which has a deterrent effect through its appearance alone. The towers are equipped with three high-resolution ultra-lowlight cameras. They not only cover a large area, but also provide complete all-round protection. The optimum number and positioning of the devices are determined depending on the conditions on site. Video Guard Professional is equipped with an infrared lighting unit that reliably illuminates the area even at night. Compared to conventional systems, infrared has the advantage that the light is not perceived by the human eye. It therefore does not lead to a brighter environment that could be a nuisance for residents or animals.

Personal contact by alarm center
However, if unauthorized persons enter the premises, the camera tower automatically and immediately sends a signal to the alarm center. This is staffed at all times and has the task of assessing the situation and initiating the next steps. As a rule, unwanted persons are first asked to leave the premises by means of the integrated loudspeaker system on the camera tower. This measure usually leads to the desired success. If the personal approach is ignored, the alarm center notifies the police in the next step, who then act on site.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The freely accessible sales area of car dealerships is a frequent target for criminals who, for example, dismantle license plates or wheels on site and steal entire cars. Camera-based surveillance provides more security here.