Demolition work in our sights

9. January 2021

Video Guard secures site in Bonn

Space for a new quarter: the former Zurich Versicherung buildings on Poppelsdorfer Allee in Bonn are currently being demolished. As theft and vandalism on construction sites also occur time and again during demolition and dismantling work, the contracted company, Wahl Abbruch GmbH from Remagen, relies on camera-based surveillance of the site. The aim is to avoid delays and consequential costs caused by looting, damage or theft. A reliable solution has been found with Video Guard Professional.

On the former Zurich Versicherung site, a mixed-use quarter with apartments and offices is to be built on 24,500 square meters. The demolition work is currently underway – because first the former administrative buildings of the insurance company have to make way. To ensure that this runs smoothly and that neither fuel nor valuable machinery or metals eligible for compensation are stolen from the construction site, those responsible at Wahl Abbruch GmbH opted for camera-based monitoring of the construction site during the demolition work. “In the past, theft or vandalism has occurred from time to time on other projects. That’s why we are now using Video Guard as a preventative measure in Bonn and have not had any new incidents since then,” explains Oliver Tonner, project and construction manager for demolition and civil engineering at the Wahl Group. The towers are positioned on the site in such a way that the access areas, containers and machines are covered by the cameras. Video surveillance is used in particular outside working hours and at night and in the evening when the construction site is unmanned. If unauthorized persons enter the premises, the software immediately sends a signal to the connected alarm control panel. It is staffed around the clock and responds immediately. First, the person on the premises is addressed directly via the loudspeaker integrated into the tower. If this is not sufficient, the police can be called in. On a large site such as Poppelsdorfer Allee, video surveillance also proves to be a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to staffed security. This is because he would have problems keeping a constant eye on the partly impassable and extensive terrain. Several people would be needed to ensure efficient protection: At the same time, the response chain from detecting the situation to alerting the police is significantly longer than is the case with Video Guard. Another point: a staffed security service is directly confronted with the potential criminal on site. Camera-based solutions provide a safe alternative here, as potentially dangerous situations are avoided.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Video Guard Professional protects the construction site of the new city quarter on Poppelsdorfer Allee in Bonn.