Reliable protection for indoors and outdoors

28. March 2021

Video Guard secures the Pandion Francis construction site in Düsseldorf

The new Pandion Francis residential and office complex is being built on the site of the former Franciscan monastery on Oststrasse and Immermannstrasse in the center of Düsseldorf. In order to protect the construction site efficiently both inside the building and outside, those responsible decided to install Video Guard Professional surveillance.

In future, Pandion Francis will offer space for 144 apartments and offices over an area of 5,400 square meters on a plot of around 7,300 square meters. To effectively protect the construction site against theft and vandalism, those responsible rely on a camera-based solution that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Video Guard has been protecting the project since the shell construction phase – and was placed in the stairwell of the building and on the outside grounds. The three cameras per tower cover the entire area, without any panning breaks. This makes monitoring much more efficient compared to staffed security. Video Guard is used particularly outside working hours and at night and in the evening when the construction site is unmanned. The infrared floodlights attached to the tower ensure a clear view without disturbing residents and passers-by with visible lighting, as infrared is not perceived by the human eye. Another advantage is that it is impossible for criminals to spy on the detection area. As soon as a person enters the construction site after hours, they are recorded by the cameras and the employees in the control center are informed. During the construction phase of the Pandion Francis, an alarm was triggered by an intruder. He was asked to leave the site via the integrated loudspeakers on the towers – and police officers were called in. Due to the central location in Düsseldorf, the challenges posed by an urban environment had to be given special consideration when selecting a suitable system. This is how Video Guard works in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The camera towers are positioned intelligently and impermissible areas are hidden by the software.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard Professional protects the construction site of the “Pandion Francis” project in Düsseldorf. Conspicuous yellow banners indicate the video surveillance.