Fewer thefts and burglaries

19. May 2021

Crime statistics for 2020 show a decline

The 2020 crime statistics show a positive trend: fewer thefts and burglaries were recorded. Intelligent camera systems are also contributing to this decline. This is because solutions such as Video Guard have a preventative effect on construction sites, for example, and ensure that theft is very often only attempted. Unauthorized persons are caught as soon as they enter the premises. When addressed via the loudspeakers integrated into the camera tower, the intruders usually retreat immediately – and thus do not become a case for the statistics.

Fewer thefts and burglaries were recorded in the 2020 crime statistics. A total of 5,310,621 cases were registered nationwide. Compared to 2019, this represents a reduction of 2.3 percent. There has been a clear decline in robberies in particular. The fact that there were fewer break-ins in apartments and private homes can probably be attributed to the pandemic, as many people spent more time at home – and the presence of criminals is a deterrent. This was not the case on building sites, logistics areas, car dealerships or in fitness studios. Cameras have provided effective surveillance here, especially in the evening and at weekends. Video Guard was deployed in many places and helped to ensure that unauthorized persons were detected as soon as they entered the premises. The security personnel at the connected control center can use the loudspeaker function to ask them to leave the premises. In most cases, this already causes a retraction so that no damage or theft occurs in the first place. The Video Guard camera system not only prevents many crimes – the video recordings also make an important contribution to the detection rate. This is because they can be handed over to the police for investigation purposes.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Video Guard Professional secures the construction site efficiently and comprehensively against break-ins and vandalism.