An end to the dangerous fascination

21. March 2021

Vacancy monitoring with Video Guard combines security and efficiency

Crumbling plaster, broken windows, dilapidated walls: vacant buildings and spaces fascinate many people and are a popular destination for explorers, amateur photographers and young people. But the trend is dangerous. For a thrill, the intruders climb over fences, locked doors and barriers. If an accident occurs, the building owner is liable in the worst case. In this context, vacancy monitoring is advisable. However, many people are put off by the high costs of a staffed security service. This is where Video Guard’s mobile surveillance towers offer a reliable and economical alternative.

Entering vacant areas and buildings is not only prohibited, but also associated with many dangers. Inconspicuous holes, deep shafts, dangling objects and unstable foundations are just some of the sources of danger posed by so-called “lost places”. In the worst case, illegal exploration tours can end fatally. Such incidents are not only personally stressful for everyone involved – they often also result in damage to the owner’s reputation and image. However, the latter shy away from the expensive deployment of a security service.

Video Guard secures reliably and comprehensively
Video Guard’s camera-based surveillance offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative for efficiently securing vacant properties. A major advantage: the camera towers also provide reliable and comprehensive security for large, impassable areas that would be difficult to guard with a staffed security service. Video Guard has three cameras per tower for this purpose. Due to the different aperture angles of the lenses, monitoring takes place both at close range and at a distance. This means that all incidents within a monitoring radius of up to 5,300 square meters are recorded in a targeted manner. The software’s analytics also enable the three recording streams to be processed in parallel, allowing a range of 170 degrees to be viewed. The surveillance towers are robust and equipped for permanent use at any time of day or night and in the open air. Video Guard ensures high-quality recordings even in poor lighting conditions. The spotlights integrated in the camera system rely on infrared light, which is not perceived by the human eye. Spying on the detection area is therefore impossible. This provides protection even in complete darkness and unauthorized access to the property is detected. The intelligent software also eliminates false alarms caused by animals or reflections, for example.

Signal colors are a deterrent
The surveillance towers can be extended to a height of up to six meters and their size and appearance alone provide a deterrent. The eye-catching signal colors of the towers in a strong yellow and a warning red make them recognizable from a distance. An inscription that clearly indicates video surveillance and pictograms also ensure unambiguous communication and warn unauthorized persons against entering the property.

Own alarm center evaluates recordings in real time
Another important point is the company’s own control center. If unauthorized persons enter the guarded area, the system triggers an alarm in the connected control panel. Here, trained employees view the real-time recordings and assess what steps need to be taken. The first step is almost always a direct address via the loudspeakers attached to the surveillance tower. In most cases, this already leads to withdrawal. If the call is not responded to, the control center reacts immediately and ensures that the police are deployed quickly.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The camera-based surveillance system from Video Guard secures “lost places” reliably and comprehensively. The towers are also an economical alternative to a staffed security service.