Basecamp: Intelligently guarded

18. August 2021

Video Guard secures residential project in Göttingen

Start of construction for more living space: an extensive project was recently launched on the former Gothaer site in Göttingen. Student apartments as well as rental and owner-occupied apartments are now being built on the approximately 70,000 square meter site. To protect the construction site from theft and vandalism, Kamü GmbH, as the construction company carrying out the work, relies on the camera-based surveillance system Video Guard Professional.

One of the largest construction projects in Göttingen is currently being built on the former Gothaer Versicherung site. In the future, it will include several residential complexes and a daycare center. Kamü GmbH is currently realizing part of the buildings. In addition to the apartments for students, new modern rental and owner-occupied apartments are also being built.

Modern technology secures machines and material
The Video Guard Professional surveillance system is used to monitor the construction site. Particularly after work and in the evening and at night, the site needs to be fully guarded to protect expensive construction equipment, fuel and similar items. The system relies on a combination of powerful hardware and intelligent software as well as a staffed control center. The surveillance towers are equipped with three cameras that work with different opening angles. The technology used can also distinguish burglars from animals, for example. This prevents false alarms. The floodlights installed on the extendable masts use near infrared (NIR) light, which is not perceived by the human eye. The light is therefore not distracting. There are currently three camera towers in the deterrent signal colors on the construction site. If intruders are not deterred by the conspicuous camera surveillance, the system triggers an alarm – the staffed control center views the video material and can intervene via the loudspeaker integrated into the camera tower. In most cases, the direct approach leads to an immediate retreat. If this is not the case, the police can be called in. The reaction chain is therefore very short here. With its flexible and uncomplicated installation, the system can be constantly adapted to the current construction process. The multi-year residential construction project can thus be secured permanently and efficiently without any problems. The first completions are planned for 2022.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The installed video technology detects burglars and protects the construction site – especially after hours. Photo: Kamü GmbH