For a quick move-in

29. November 2020

Video Guard guards new housing estate in Waltrop

The “Großer Kamp” development area in the small town of Waltrop in North Rhine-Westphalia is enjoying great popularity. To avoid delays due to theft and vandalism and to enable the future owners to move in quickly, the project managers protect the construction site after hours with the Video Guard surveillance system.

Over the last few years, 140 residential units have been built on the outskirts of Waltrop. The “Großer Kamp” development area continues to grow steadily and comprises both detached houses and apartment buildings. Thanks to its good location and direct highway connection, the small town has become an attractive place to live. The plots are therefore in high demand. In order to enable the new owners to move in as soon as possible, the construction process should not be disrupted. Unfortunately, theft and vandalism are a regular occurrence on construction sites after work. This impairs the workflow and delays completion. To prevent this, those responsible decided to install professional video surveillance of the construction site. In this context, the choice fell on Video Guard – a system from the International Security Group and Maibach VuS. At a height of up to six meters, three cameras enable seamless surveillance of large areas. Thanks to their compact size, the towers can be positioned individually on the construction site. If an unauthorized person enters the construction site after hours, the permanently manned control center is informed immediately. This first asks the intruder to leave the premises via the integrated loudspeaker. If this does not happen, the police will be alerted immediately.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Construction site security: cameras in the new “Großer Kamp” housing estate in Waltrop protect against theft and vandalism.