Three in one go!

1. December 2020

Tower with ultra-lowlight cameras

Video Guard relies on the intelligent combination of multiple image sources to efficiently protect even large construction sites. Each tower is equipped with three ultra-low-light cameras and is therefore optimally tuned for both close and long range. The technology is also designed for use in the dark evening and night hours – the time when criminals feel particularly unobserved.

Dangers often lurk in unguarded areas such as construction sites, storage areas and open spaces. Particularly in the darker months of the year, criminals feel unobserved and damage is often caused by theft and vandalism. This is where Video Guard comes in and offers effective protection against uninvited guests. While conventional property surveillance with video-based technology usually involves panning the cameras, leaving parts of the danger zone unmonitored, Video Guard is different. Three cameras are intelligently combined. The tower itself can be extended to a height of up to six meters. The system can detect people up to 80 meters away. The software’s analytics enable the three recording streams to be processed in parallel, allowing a range of 170 degrees to be viewed. This avoids “blind spots” that are not within the detection range. Due to the different aperture angles of the lenses, monitoring takes place both at close range and at a distance. This means that the cameras can record all incidents in a surveillance radius of up to 5,300 square meters in a targeted manner. The intelligent software also eliminates false alarms caused by animals, reflections or fluttering foils, for example. Even in poor lighting conditions and darkness, Video Guard ensures high-quality recordings. This is because the spotlights integrated in the camera system rely on infrared light, which is not perceived by the human eye. This prevents spying on the detection area. This provides protection even in complete darkness and unauthorized access to the property is detected.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Video Guard Professional uses three ultra-low-light cameras with different aperture angles to provide optimum protection at close range and at a distance – at any time of day or night.