Even more security via app

30. March 2022

Video Guard with “Security & Safety first” add-on option

Real-time information from the construction site to the smartphone: With the new “Security & Safety first” app, Video Guard is expanding its camera-based security service and making full use of the advantages of smart security systems. Construction managers can view and analyze the monitoring area, material deliveries and construction processes directly on their smartphone at any time. The focus is also on rapid intervention by the person responsible for the construction site in the event of imminent danger. As a result, Video Guard not only helps to protect against theft and vandalism, but the app also contributes to process optimization and safety for workers on the construction site.

Video Guard guarantees high security standards for construction sites and all locations where property needs to be secured and protected. The “Security & Safety first” app now adds further options for site managers to the existing product portfolio. This includes a function that allows you to switch to the respective construction site live from your smartphone at any time. This makes it easy to check whether material and machines are in the monitored area at the end of work. Status messages and the power supply and battery buffering of the camera towers can also be viewed here. The app can also be used to analyze construction progress or track deliveries regardless of location. The new functions supplement the classic monitoring of the camera towers and allow effective and rapid intervention through real-time image data transmission.

Fast response
In the event of imminent danger, the app offers new scope for action: in the event of gas pipes being hit or a bomb being found, employees can be evacuated as quickly as possible via the loudspeakers on the Video Guard camera tower. This means that the construction site can be completely evacuated in a short time, the employees brought to safety and the appropriate emergency services notified.

Project according to plan
The app combines video-based construction process control and construction site monitoring at the same time. This is because the site management can easily gain an impression of possible problems and progress on the construction site through the eye of the cameras. “This gives project managers an uncomplicated overview of what is happening on site. With the app, we are thus expanding our protection against theft and vandalism with a component that facilitates the coordination of work processes and provides additional security for employees in the event of hazardous situations,” says Jörn Windler, Managing Director of International Security GmbH.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
With the “Security & Safety first” app, Video Guard is adding another helpful option for site managers to its existing product portfolio. This allows you to switch live to the respective construction site from your smartphone at any time.