Comprehensive security

14. April 2022

Video Guard protects against construction delays and personal injury

Whether from equipment and machinery or excavations – a construction site harbors many sources of danger and potential injuries. In the event of inadequate protective measures, the operators of the construction site will be held responsible. It is therefore important to protect the site from unauthorized access – and the associated potential personal injury. Against this backdrop, comprehensive security of the site is particularly important – at the same time, surveillance ensures that delays caused by theft and vandalism are avoided. The solution is the “Video Guard” mobile camera system.

Overturned excavators, damaged trucks, construction machinery and containers, stolen materials and tools – break-ins and vandalism on construction sites occur time and again, with far-reaching consequences and damage. If unknown persons gain access to construction machinery and equipment and set it in motion, not only can it be damaged, but the risk of injury to uninvolved third parties also increases. In addition, a possible loss results in additional costs. The damage caused by vandalism and theft not only causes delays in the construction process. In the event of personal injury, the construction site operator will also be held responsible.

Reliable monitoring protection
Against this backdrop, effective protective measures and comprehensive construction site safety are particularly important. Video Guard is a surveillance system that provides round-the-clock protection against break-ins and vandalism. The surveillance towers, which are up to six meters high, are each equipped with three high-resolution cameras, which are designed for both close-range and long-distance monitoring, thus enabling seamless protection of construction equipment and materials. Thanks to the attached infrared spotlights, the construction site is fully protected even in the dark and well-lit images are produced.

Fast reaction chain
The system is equipped with intelligent video analysis technology that reacts to movements based on rules and vectors. It takes just seconds to identify whether it is an animal or an intruder. During the surveillance period, every movement on the premises is detected and an alarm is triggered immediately, which is received by the connected security control center. Even before people with criminal intentions gain unauthorized access to materials or construction equipment, they are already under observation. The trained security personnel in the connected alarm control center use the loudspeakers integrated in the towers to ask unauthorized persons to leave the property. If the direct appeal is not sufficient, the responsible police headquarters will be alerted immediately.

The mobile camera towers from Video Guard not only protect valuable materials and construction machinery, they also have a preventive effect. Both property damage and personal injury are prevented. This means that construction site operators are also on the safe side.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
The intelligent “Video Guard” camera system provides comprehensive surveillance protection for the construction site. Unauthorized persons are detected immediately thanks to the video analysis technology and asked to leave.