Donation for homeschooling

26. February 2021

The International Security Group donated 1,000 euros and notebooks to IFI Kinderheim Leer gGmbH

Homeschooling is a major challenge, especially for children and staff in the home. In addition to a lot of time, the technical equipment is also needed to teach the children and young people in the best possible way. Online teaching has proved difficult for IFI Kinderheim Leer gGmbH in the past. Due to the lack of technical equipment, it was hardly possible to supervise all pupils at the same time. This situation has now been improved by a donation from the International Security Group.

The company, which specializes in construction site monitoring, presented IFI Kinderheim Leer gGmbH with a sum of 1,000 euros. In addition, each of the nine residential groups was provided with a new laptop. The Hesel-based company is thus committed to the region and assumes social responsibility. “It was important to us that children and young people are better equipped for homeschooling and can participate properly in digital school lessons,” explains Jörn Windler, Managing Director of the International Security Group. The additional technical equipment makes it easier to carry out homeschooling – this takes the pressure off both the children and young people and the supervisors. The latter can once again devote more time to day-to-day care and respond to the children’s educational needs.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Handing over the donation: Jörn Windler (Managing Director of the International Security Group) with Stefan Marpaun (left) and Renate Harms-Tapken – Managing Director of IFI Kinderheim Leer gGmbH (right).