Innovation as far as the eye can see

16. February 2021

Video Guard secures construction site for new Digital Hub Industry at NEOS in Bremen

Centrally located in the heart of the University of Bremen’s Technology Park, the Digital Hub Industry is an interdisciplinary and cross-industry environment comprising the university, research and transfer institutions as well as young and established commercial enterprises. In future, they will come together in the new “NEOS” building to develop ideas, products and business models for the digitalized industry of tomorrow. To prevent unauthorized access to the construction site for the modern building complex, Kamü Bau GmbH relies on innovative surveillance technology from Video Guard Professional.

A future location for innovation and technology transfer with a focus on industrial applications: In future, the Digital Hub Industry will bring together different players from industry, science and politics – with the aim of jointly realizing digital innovations. Modern collaboration and conference rooms, laboratory facilities, office and technical areas as well as a 500 square meter event hall with an adjacent multi-storey parking lot are being built on a floor space of around 12,000 square meters. Those responsible at Kamü Bau GmbH rely on camera-based surveillance with Video Guard Professional right from the shell construction phase. “The lack of facades makes it comparatively easy to get inside the building at the moment. We want to prevent unauthorized access to the construction site with Video Guard,” explains Kevin Podien, site manager at Kamü Bau GmbH. This is because easily accessible objects repeatedly attract burglars and vandals who gain access illegally. Devastation, arson, graffiti and other damage are not uncommon. Video Guard counteracts this and deters potential intruders with its eye-catching yellow surveillance towers and warning signs. If the area is nevertheless entered, the system immediately sends a warning signal to the company’s own, permanently manned alarm center. From there, trained security experts assess the situation. They address unauthorized persons directly via the integrated loudspeakers and ask them to leave the premises. If the appeal does not have the desired effect, the local police are called in if necessary. “With Video Guard, we have found a solution that is both more economical and more effective than a staffed security service, for example,” says Podien. This is because three ultra-lowlight cameras are integrated into one tower, which together produce a seamless image of the large area – without the need for panning. This prevents blind spots and ensures effective protection.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The construction site of the new Digital Hub Industry is protected by Video Guard’s innovative camera surveillance system.