Operation at Gänsemarkt

1. March 2021

Video Guard secures Deutschlandhaus construction site in Hamburg

In Hamburg, Video Guard Professional is currently being used in the construction of the new Deutschlandhaus, a project of the ABG Real Estate Group. The camera-based monitoring system reduces the risk of delays in the construction process due to theft and vandalism – and thus helps to ensure that the specified time frame can be adhered to. The major project is scheduled for completion in spring 2023.

At Gänsemarkt in Hamburg, the Deutschlandhaus is currently under construction, a new building whose design is based on the classic office buildings of the Hanseatic city. The modern brick building will house offices, apartments, retail outlets and restaurants on an area of around 40,000 square meters. The general contractor is the Deutschlandhaus consortium – led by ZECH Bau. To avoid delays on the construction site due to stolen material or stolen machines, for example, those responsible rely on the “Video Guard” camera system. After work and at weekends, when there are no more employees on site, Video Guard Professional takes over the monitoring. This is because offenders feel unobserved during this time and especially in the evening. Video Guard cameras have a high-resolution image sensor and, for night-time operation, three infrared spotlights whose light is not perceived by the human eye. Video Guard therefore provides high-resolution images even in complete darkness and ensures that residents and passers-by do not feel disturbed by the headlights at night. The three cameras on the towers mean that the surveillance area is all-encompassing. It is not necessary to pan the cameras and “blind spots” are avoided. This makes it practically impossible to enter the premises undetected. If the cameras detect people in the area to be guarded, the employees of the connected alarm center intervene immediately. However, the system does not detect passers-by who only walk past the property or adjacent areas that are not part of the detection zone. For this purpose, legally impermissible areas are hidden in an audit-proof manner on the software side. Monitoring is carried out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). “Due to the technical possibilities, Video Guard can be used particularly well in inner-city areas,” explains Sven-Olaf Hansen, Senior Site Manager at ZECH Bau.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard Professional secures the construction site of the Deutschlandhaus in Hamburg.