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21. June 2022

Secure dormant construction sites against theft

Material shortages, a lack of skilled workers, supply bottlenecks and staff shortages due to the pandemic – all of this means that more and more construction sites cannot be carried out as planned and many construction projects are on hold. During this time, the risk of construction companies suffering additional damage increases: This is because the likelihood of theft or vandalism increases. Intelligent security measures should be taken to prevent criminals from gaining access to the construction site unnoticed. In this context, camera-based surveillance with Video Guard is economical and reliable.

Construction has always been subject to unforeseen events. However, whereas years ago it was mainly the weather that disrupted scheduled work, the cuts are currently more serious and long-term. Supply chain problems, rising energy prices, material shortages and the associated cost trends pose challenges for investors and construction companies. This is exacerbated by the staff shortage, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic. An end to this development is not in sight. These factors are not only making projects increasingly difficult to calculate – they are also halting construction projects that are already underway. However, if the construction site is dormant for a longer period of time, it becomes attractive to criminals. Because they feel completely unobserved. The risk of vandalism and theft increases.

The classic site fence is not sufficient as a safety measure. A staffed security service is generally not economical, nor can it reliably secure a large area. In contrast, the construction site can be monitored with camera-based technology. Video Guard relies on artificial intelligence and thus sets standards throughout Europe: using neural network algorithms and thus self-learning video analytics, the integrated software reliably detects intruders on the premises and reports them to the staffed alarm center. The latter reviews incoming footage, evaluates it and initiates appropriate measures – these range from the first direct approach via loudspeakers to alerting the local police.

“Construction managers should ensure that the construction site is protected in a timely manner, especially when work is at a standstill and during outages. With this in mind, the corresponding hardware from Video Guard – a compact surveillance tower – is quickly set up and ready for use once the order has been placed. In this way, financial losses due to theft and vandalism can be avoided,” explains Jörn Windler, Managing Director of International Security GmbH.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The final touches are in place: The Video Guard guard towers are quickly installed and the system is immediately ready for use.