Tested with safety

16. February 2022

Video Guard protects against unwanted visitors

Corona test stations are currently an integral part of our everyday lives. They are a central component of the fight against the pandemic. These facilities are currently increasingly being targeted by burglars, as numerous media reports show: Test material is being stolen and the premises and inventory damaged. Against this background, efficient security measures are important to prevent theft and vandalism. Together with Blömen VuS, the International Security Group offers intelligent camera-based surveillance systems.

The number of corona test centers has doubled in the last two months due to rising infection rates. Among other things, they ensure that carefree meetings with friends, for example, are still possible. Despite their high value to society, they are a popular target for criminals. The stolen goods range from antigen tests and computer technology to company cars. This has serious consequences for the fight against the pandemic. This is because parts of the test infrastructure and the associated capacities are collapsing regionally. It is therefore important to secure these facilities professionally. Video Guard is ideal for this purpose. With software-supported camera technology, the system ensures complete real-time monitoring. The area can be precisely defined in advance – adjacent public or private paths are hidden by the software. In this way, data protection is guaranteed. The stationary systems are ready for use within a short time. They are currently being used throughout Germany – for example at test centers in Dortmund, Soest, Bornheim and Siegen. Integrated infrared spotlights ensure clear visibility in the dark. The system analyses the defined area and sends a signal to the manned alarm center when unauthorized persons are detected. The trained personnel assess the situation and can use the integrated loudspeaker function to ask the person to leave the premises. If the request is not complied with immediately, the local police will be alerted. Video Guard thus contributes to the smooth operation of the test stations.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard reliably protects test sites from theft and vandalism