Reconstruction secured

16. June 2022

Several Video Guard systems guard the Ahr valley

The flood disaster in July 2021 left devastating damage in the municipality of Dernau (Ahrweiler district). Months later, the consequences are still clear and the clean-up work continues. To prevent theft and vandalism, the Video Guard surveillance system with various camera towers – distributed across several construction sites in the valley – is in use.

In the areas of Rhineland-Palatinate destroyed by the flood disaster, reconstruction has been in full swing for months. This was also the case in Dernau: The village of 1,800 inhabitants was hit hard by the floods on July 14 and 15, 2021. Several people lost their lives and most of the houses were damaged. In addition, there is massive damage to the infrastructure.

Emergency shelters protected
The municipality’s kindergarten was also washed away by the water, so a circus tent is now being used as temporary accommodation. The social project was organized by the Johanniter in the Middle Rhine regional association and is supported by Video Guard. The camera system, which is distributed jointly by International Security GmbH and Blömen VuS, is being made available to the social project free of charge. The two camera towers Video Guard One and Video Guard Professional guard the circus tent, the forecourt and the entrance area of the site.

Video Guard One is characterized in particular by its compact and space-saving design. With a camera viewing angle of 100 degrees and a radius of up to 30 meters, the system seamlessly monitors small and medium-sized areas. Thanks to the high-performance rechargeable battery, the camera tower remains ready for use without an external power supply for over four days and in summer – in direct sunlight – even up to 90 days without mains power.

Further building sites in sight
Several construction companies also rely on the camera-based monitoring system to secure their construction sites in the Ahr valley. A total of eight Video Guard camera towers – spread across several construction sites in the municipality – are in use. The construction company Bernhausen Bau GmbH & Co KG and Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale (RWZ) are working closely together to repair the flood damage and rebuild the building. Those responsible rely on the professional monitoring system to secure their premises directly on the main road in Dernau. The Professional System is also used by the rental company Boels Rental and protects the special machines and tools available for rental against theft and vandalism. The mobile camera towers, which are up to six meters high, are each equipped with three high-resolution cameras, which are designed to provide both close-range and long-range protection. Thanks to the integrated infrared floodlights, the site is also fully secured in the evening and at night.

Video Guard Solar
OTTO Bau relies on the Video Guard Solar system to secure a landfill site. The camera towers can be operated completely independently thanks to state-of-the-art photovoltaic modules, an environmentally friendly fuel cell and a large battery pack. Remote areas in particular, which have an inadequate power supply, can be comprehensively guarded in this way. The solar version has a monitoring radius of up to 70 meters and a viewing angle of 180 degrees. Thanks to the positioning of the camera tower on four-meter-high stacked concrete slabs, the landfill site is even better guarded. Another camera tower is in use in neighboring Marienthal. On behalf of the recycling company B&B, he protects excavators and recycling machines that are used for reconstruction.

All Video Guard systems are equipped with intelligent analysis technology that detects every movement during the surveillance period and intervenes in the event of a break-in. If unauthorized persons enter the premises during this time, a signal appears in the round-the-clock operations center. The trained personnel assess the situation and, if necessary, ask the intruders to leave the premises via loudspeaker. If necessary, the local police are alerted. The different camera systems in the Ahr valley are tailored to the conditions of the respective locations and thus guarantee comprehensive surveillance protection for reconstruction in the municipality of Dernau.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
A circus tent serves as temporary accommodation for the Dernau community kindergarten. Video Guard provides two camera towers free of charge to the social project organized by the Johanniter.