Comprehensive protection

18. October 2022

Video Guard guards large construction site

Construction projects on areas of several tens of thousands of square kilometers require a large number of expensive machines and enormous quantities of material. The value of these goods increases the interest of criminals. One such exposed construction site is currently located in Heiden, Münsterland. A new, approximately 17,000 square meter precast concrete plant will be built here at the company site of project construction specialist Brüninghoff by 2023. Video Guard is used to protect against vandalism and theft.

The site area of the new plant in Münsterland is around 31,000 square meters. It is particularly important for the scheduled execution of work on site to know that the site is also secured outside working hours. Large construction sites present a particular challenge. This is because it is important to keep a close eye on even unclear areas. The extensive site is secured by several Video Guard Professional Towers. These are characterized in particular by being equipped with high-resolution cameras and inconspicuous infrared spotlights with clear visibility at night. Unauthorized persons can thus be detected at any time of day. Speakers integrated into the tower can be used to specifically address offenders and ask them to leave the premises as quickly as possible. If this request is not complied with, Video Guard enables rapid contact with the security service or the local police and thus offers professional all-round protection for guarding the construction site. In this way, the solar modules used on the roof of the plant, for example, are sustainably protected. This also applies to important machines and tools.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The construction of the new Brüninghoff precast concrete plant in Heiden is protected by Video Guard Tower.