Strong sales team

24. August 2023

Training courses: From acquiring new customers to exchanging experiences and team building

To strengthen customer focus, expand skills and share experiences, regular training courses are held for the Video Guard sales team. In recent months, they have met in Hesel and Gescher. However, the focus was not only on technical topics, but also on the shared experience. The program was rounded off with a culinary, sporting or playful event.

The sales training sessions focused even more strongly on customer needs so that the team can act in a more targeted manner for Video Guard. There was also plenty of opportunity to share experiences with one another. This is because employees who spend a lot of time on the road visiting customers are inevitably in less personal contact with their colleagues – which is why direct communication is always beneficial and important for everyone involved. The varied, joint supporting program also helps to further strengthen the team structure and at the same time includes a high fun factor. For example, participants learned the rules of blackjack and roulette at the casino evening. The barbecue evening was less playful and more enjoyable – with instructive tips from the professionals that are sure to enrich future barbecues. The sales team showed their sporting prowess on a canoe trip. All in all, the events were a successful combination of further training, team building and leisure activities.

VIDEO GUARD sales training

The aim of the training courses was to raise employees’ awareness of the needs of customers and thus to act effectively in the spirit of Video Guard. strengthen the team spirit.