Reliable partner for public clients

30. January 2023

Camera-based construction site surveillance as part of public tenders

It is in the general interest of society that public contracts are carried out reliably and to a high quality. Against this background, only companies that provide the appropriate proof of suitability will be considered for the award of contracts. This obligation to provide evidence also applies to construction-related services such as site security. Appropriate prequalification makes the process considerably easier. Both International Security GmbH and Blömen VuS GmbH have provided the relevant evidence and are suitable partners for the public sector when it comes to technology-controlled camera-based video surveillance.

The aim of public procurement is to ensure cost-effective purchasing through competition. This principle of economic behavior is necessary in order to use taxpayers’ money as sparingly and appropriately as possible. To ensure that orders are also carried out to a high standard, only companies that can prove their suitability are considered for commissioning. The process of providing evidence is made considerably easier by prequalification. Companies are audited once by a third party, irrespective of their participation in an award procedure.

Certification for public clients
With their entry in the official register of prequalified companies (AVPQ) for the supply and service sector, International Security GmbH (ISG) and Blömen VuS GmbH prove their suitability for public contracts and the absence of grounds for exclusion. The prequalification body checked various documents and details required in the award procedure – such as tax honesty and existing references. This evidence is available in the areas of video surveillance systems, alarm systems, surveillance systems, guarding services and monitoring services, among others. With the mobile Video Guard camera towers, construction sites of public clients are comprehensively secured. The risk of additional construction delays and costs due to theft and vandalism is significantly reduced. In addition to the prequalification, International Security GmbH (ISG) is also registered in the Official Contractor and Supplier Directory (ULV) of the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing in Berlin. This makes the leading German innovator of technology-controlled video surveillance with the “Video Guard” system one of the players in the industry that is particularly suitable as a partner for the Berlin public sector.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Public contracts are only awarded with suitable proof of suitability. International Security GmbH and Blömen VuS GmbH have demonstrated their suitability by being entered in the official register of prequalified companies (AVPQ) for the supply and service sector.