Flexible monitoring

22. September 2022

Mains-independent protection of solar parks with Video Guard

The production of renewable energies usually takes place in remote locations in the middle of nature and covers large areas. Solar parks, for example, consist of a large number of photovoltaic panels, which, like inverters, cables and tools, are sought-after stolen goods. Experts advise taking specific security measures to protect the systems against damage and theft. Against this background, the mobile camera systems from Video Guard offer protection that is both flexible and efficient.

Germany is increasingly focusing on solar and wind energy generation. Due to the size of the area required for these facilities, they are usually located far away from towns in the middle of nature. During the day you can hear the whirring of the inverters and in the evening, when the sun goes down, it becomes quiet. This seclusion makes the open spaces particularly attractive for organized crime. From small devices such as cable drums to large photovoltaic panels – the financial damage caused by the thefts can quickly amount to five-figure sums. Conventional security measures such as employing a security service or the classic fencing in with a site fence are often not enough here. The open areas of the solar parks are extensive and require efficient and up-to-date monitoring.

Flexible and efficient protection
The “Video Guard Flex” and “Video Guard Solar” camera towers are ideal for guarding remote areas such as power lines or solar parks. Thanks to the consumption-optimized electronics, Video Guard systems can be operated without mains power for several weeks in summer. Equipped with a fuel cell and photovoltaics, an environmentally friendly, self-sufficient power supply is ensured. This means that even long public holidays or weekends can be bridged without expensive diesel generators. The Starlight Dome camera with sensor-controlled night vision of the Video Guard Flex system has a flexible viewing angle of 30 to 120 degrees – so the area is protected across the board even in the dark. The Video Guard Solar system is equipped with a total of two cameras that enable a monitoring radius of up to 70 meters and have a viewing angle of up to 180 degrees. As soon as the camera has detected an intruder, trained employees in the control center evaluate the image material. If necessary, the Video Guard control center can address the perpetrators directly via the active loudspeaker integrated into the camera tower and ask them to leave the premises. If this is not enough of a deterrent, the police or security guards will be called in.

The mobile camera towers “Video Guard Flex” and “Video Guard Solar” offer protection against theft and vandalism thanks to their flexible and mobile use – even in remote locations. Thanks to photovoltaics and a battery pack, they can also be operated independently of the mains power supply over a long period of time. This means that operators of solar parks are on the safe side.

Video Guard in Bremen's ├ťberseestadt district
Thanks to the battery pack and photovoltaics, the camera towers from Video Guard (image shows: Video Guard Solar) can be used for several weeks in the summer without mains power.