Cellar protection included

22. December 2021

Video Guard guards office building in Göttingen

According to plans by ONP-Schwieger GmbH, a five-storey office complex is currently being realized in Göttingen, in which an existing basement is being integrated into the building. This file cellar must be protected from unauthorized access during the construction process. In addition, the construction site itself is to be secured against theft and vandalism. This is why Video Guard is used here.

The construction of the new office building in Weender Landstraße brings with it a special feature: there is an existing cellar under the construction area that has to be integrated into the new building. This posed a challenge not only for the construction project, but above all for the security of the site. As the ceiling of the cellar had to be demolished, it was now easily accessible. Initially, a temporary wooden wall was erected to protect the stored files. However, as this did not provide reliable burglary protection, ONP-Schwieger GmbH opted for the Video Guard Professional surveillance system. The two mobile camera towers have been active since construction began in June 2021. Equipped with three high-resolution ultra-low-light cameras that are tuned to both the near and far range, comprehensive protection is guaranteed. Thanks to the infrared floodlights, the site is also fully secured in the evening and at night. The system is equipped with intelligent analysis technology that detects every movement during the surveillance period and intervenes in the event of an intrusion. If unauthorized persons enter the premises, a signal appears in the connected alarm control panel. There, trained personnel analyze the situation and can contact the perpetrators via the integrated loudspeakers. “The intelligent system has already proved its worth, as the alarm has already gone off several times. By directly addressing the perpetrators, the unauthorized persons left the premises immediately. The police even had to come once,” reports Carsten Schleevoigt, Managing Director of ONP-Schwieger GmbH.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Video Guard secures the construction of the new office building on Weender Landstraße in Göttingen.