4 camera towers for 7 courtyards

28. February 2024

Video Guard secures construction project in Bocholt

In order to create affordable living space, an old industrial wasteland in Bocholt (North Rhine-Westphalia) is being converted. The developer is Stadt + Quartier GmbH, a joint venture between the cooperative WohnBau Westmünsterland and Sparkasse Westmünsterland. The approximately 4.2 hectare site near the Bocholter Aa river was home to industrial buildings, some of which still bore witness to textile production in Westphalia. The derelict site has been transformed into a new urban quarter since June 2023. 375 new apartments will create new living space for singles, families, students, senior citizens and people with disabilities. A neighborhood meeting place, a kindergarten and gastronomic offerings ensure the social infrastructure of the neighborhood. Until the first residents can move in, four Video Guard camera towers protect the construction site from unauthorized access. The intelligent monitoring system provides efficient protection against theft and vandalism.

The “7Höfe – Leben an der Aa” project in Bocholt is an example of the conversion of an old, derelict industrial site into a new, vibrant urban district. In times of acute housing shortages, this is an important step towards meeting the growing demand for affordable housing. Bocholt’s mayor Thomas Kerkhoff sees the building project as the “most exciting residential construction and conversion project in the entire Münsterland region”. He is certain that the concept will make the city even more attractive. Work on the 4.2-hectare site near the city center began in mid-June 2023 with the ground-breaking ceremony. However, projects of this size also attract unauthorized persons to the construction site. Theft of materials and equipment or vandalism are unfortunately often the result of unwanted visits. This not only results in financial losses – it usually also causes delays on the construction site. Securing the area is therefore a must. This is also the case in Bocholt: four camera towers are in use to protect the construction site from thieves and vandals. Three towers of the “Video Guard Professional” system secure the construction site, while Video Guard One monitors the container area. Thanks to high-resolution cameras and intelligent video analytics, the camera towers detect intruders day and night. The area to be monitored is precisely defined before the towers are set up. This reliably protects the personal rights of residents and passers-by. This criterion is particularly essential in areas that border on already developed areas. Work on the Bocholt 7Höfe is currently in the first two of a total of seven construction phases. Tenants are due to move into their new residential quarter in mid-2025.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
Four Video Guard camera towers secure the construction project near Bocholt city center.
Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt 2
In order to prevent theft and vandalism on the construction site, experts recommend surveillance by camera systems.