Dyke protection with Video Guard

19. January 2024

Floods in Germany: Mobile camera towers protect dykes from onlookers

The flood situation remains tense in many regions of Germany – and is even worsening again in some places. In this context, so-called “flood tourism” has developed: People who swim in flood water or ignore barriers. This can massively impair the functionality of the dikes. Video Guard has recently been providing valuable support here. The company has already placed its mobile video surveillance towers on several dykes in flood areas – effectively deterring onlookers.

Canoeing, kitesurfing or swimming: In many places, the high water levels attract people who venture into the flood waters, endangering their lives and unnecessarily tying up emergency services. In addition, walkers ignore dyke barriers, go near embankment areas or let their dogs run free. This can damage the valuable dike substance, weaken its stability and put additional strain on and soften unsurfaced paths. Local emergency services are therefore currently under constant pressure to protect dykes and people.

In this context, some regions have recently received technological support for dyke protection in order to effectively relieve the fire department and police: by means of mobile camera towers from Video Guard, which the company has delivered quickly and unbureaucratically directly to the relevant dyke locations. With its high-resolution cameras and video analytics, the monitoring system now secures the dykes in Sandkrug in Lower Saxony and on the River Hunte, for example. The infrared headlights also enable clear visibility at night. The eye-catching tower, which is up to three meters high, prevents onlookers from continuing to walk on the dikes and thereby causing even more damage or even removing sandbags. The deterrent effect of the Video Guard towers alone ensures that no unauthorized persons enter the dyke. If someone is in the monitored area, the system immediately sends a notification to the control center. This is staffed around the clock by experienced employees. The security personnel contact the onlookers via the loudspeakers integrated in the towers and ask them to leave the site. If this request is not complied with, the employees will take appropriate measures and inform the fire department or police.
“We provided video guard towers in record time, which the emergency services can now use to investigate the situation day and night – without having to wait out the cold on site,” emphasizes Jörn Windler, Managing Director of International Security GmbH and President of Smart Surveilance.

The special feature of the towers supplied: They operate completely self-sufficiently in the impassable dyke environment, as the power supply is provided by state-of-the-art battery technology and photovoltaic modules. In the event of low solar radiation, they are supported by an environmentally friendly fuel cell. In this way, the intelligent Video Guard technology contributes effectively and quickly to dike protection throughout Germany.

Video Guard in Bremen's Überseestadt district
The visually striking surveillance systems from Video Guard make an effective contribution to securing the dyke and relieving the local emergency services.
Photo: Oldenburg district fire department