Construction projects with appeal

9. June 2023

Security, emergency response and prevention with Video Guard

Spectacular architecture, a major impact on the immediate surroundings or well-known clients: building projects attract attention for a variety of reasons – even during the construction phase. Construction sites must therefore not only be protected from vandalism and theft, but also from onlookers. They endanger themselves if they trespass. The construction site operator also has a duty to ensure road safety: the construction site is a potential source of danger and must therefore be adequately and clearly secured. A site fence is often not sufficient here. Effective and comprehensive surveillance is provided by Video Guard. The camera-based system works using neural network algorithms and self-learning analysis. This significantly reduces false alarms and reliably detects unauthorized persons.

Construction projects exert a fascination – and always attract criminals. Numerous reports of theft and vandalism bear witness to this. At the same time, onlookers feel a certain sense of adventure when exploring the new and unknown. Construction sites are generally a source of danger that can pose a high risk to unauthorized persons. These locations must therefore be secured against third parties. After all, it’s not just theft and vandalism that play a role in securing construction sites, but also curious passers-by. If accidents involving uninvolved third parties occur on the construction site, the damage to the image of the companies involved in the construction work is considerable. Comprehensive safety measures should therefore be part of the construction site equipment concept. This is where the camera-based surveillance system “Video Guard” is an effective solution. It enables a rapid and immediate response to events on the ground and thus prevents thousands of crimes every year. The system makes use of artificial intelligence. The software works with self-learning video analysis, virtually eliminating false alarms. If the camera detects unauthorized persons on the premises, this is immediately reported to the alarm center. This is staffed around the clock, seven days a week and can be connected to the construction site via loudspeakers on the camera tower – direct contact usually leads to direct withdrawal. The eye-catching design of the camera towers also has a preventative effect. This is reinforced by the hanging of banners and signs for video surveillance.

VIDEO GUARD: Construction projects with appeal

As potential sources of danger, construction sites must be adequately and clearly secured.


Prestigious construction projects in particular exert a certain fascination during the construction phase due to their architectural design.

VIDEO GUARD: Striking appearance

Due to its striking design in signal color, the camera tower has a deterrent effect even with its mere presence.